Are Our Readers Losing Interest?

Sometimes, as a creator, we think the audience isn’t as vibrant as they once were.

When I write something, I want the reader to experience what I had. The emotions include: happy, sad, or ballistic towards my people and my story.

Writers, let’s calm down the ego, we all know without the reader and their interest, we know that we have no career.

Of course, unless writing is just your hobby, then you may share it with who you wish or no one at all.

But for people are interested in publishing, we should know that we target a specific audience, we entertain them.

Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, biographies or autobiographies, novels or shortstories, poetry or songs, no matter what it may be, we have our crowd.

This isn’t a drag race

That’s right, I said it!

I’m sorry but writing a three passage long description of that one blonde girls eyes in class, is boring and slow.

Now, I understand some genres aren’t as sped up as others. I know maybe a historical fiction or a spiritual advisement book isn’t going to be as fast paced as a thriller.

But sometimes, we can over describe, that was one of my biggest problems.

When I first began to write, I found that the more I described, the more brain cells inside of my skull was getting shot off.

The truth is, sometimes, the shorter the better. 

If you can shorten sentences, by cutting out shorter words by more powerful single words, this can speed up the process of your writing dramatically, thus giving the reader more to absorb in a less of time, keeping their attention.

Whoa, slow down there.

That being said, I will contrast and say that speed can also hurt your audience. Thus me saying, “The truth is, sometimes, the shorter the better.”

When we over-speed our paragraphs, getting less descriptions to where the readers have no idea what’s going on in actions, environment or dialogue, this happens to hurt us quite more often then what we realize.

I can do this as well, when I write a dialogue I am sometimes not writing who said what, who slapped who, or why or how this person got shot.

When we leave out tidbits in a story, but less descriptions, we can about promise to lose ours readers.

Just remember, they can’t see what we see, they’re only reading words on paper or a screen.

We are artist that use imaginary paint, blank canvases and descriptive words.

Half a carton. 

I try to keep a open mind to anybody’s story, to anybody’s thoughts and feelings.I know from experience if you’re passionate about something, you can easily get shot down by hurtful words.

However, we gotta be blunt.

Your idea maybe suffering. Now, when I say that, I know a lot of people could’ve said,

“Wow, your idea really sucks bro.”

But no, I didn’t, now did I?

There can be thousands of reasons why your idea, story line or characters could be taking a hit.

But to just to narrow it for the sake of time, I will mention one problem. Most ideas are considered garbage are often incomplete.

A incomplete idea is like poison for our readers.

We get this amazing spark of inspiration,transfer that into paper, after a couple of drafts, editors, revisionists, copywriters and publishing companies we slap it on a shelf with our name on it.

But what we’re really lacking is getting inspiration and idea completion.

We need to make them harmonize, so how do we do that?

Idea with a idea, two halves to a full whole.

Spontaneous and originals paring two unlike things intrigue readers into your story.

So before you send off your draft to the editors, please make sure you place all your ideas that will make a wholesome story.

Also, if you are a new writer, here’s 5 books you’ll want to read (click here)

Huh, what’d you say?

Obviously avoiding the topic of grammar, punctuation, and the thousand of other rules.I will not be speaking of that because I know that this isn’t your fifth grade class with Ms. Wilickers, the widow, who owns fifteen cats and also the generator of nightmares.

But, I think something is hard to understand is the flow of dialogue.

When things sound robotic and forced, it can leave a bad taste in the readers mouth.

Miss representingaccents or characteristics, can peeve off the audience, and tend to make things worse.

That’s all I have today, thank you guys so much for reading! If you enjoyed this post, please give it a like and share with your friends!

I love you all!

Happy blogging!


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