15 Ways to Make a More Aggressive Character

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The striker, the fighter, the one who conquers to the end, the one who slashes everybody in their path

But, uh, oh yeah, how do we do that?

Well, you stumbled onto the right post!

Because today we discuss 15 ways to make a more aggressive character


Don’t get that attitude with me, missy!


We all need the character with sass, strength, and rebelliousness. So don’t be afraid to create a character that wants back talk with authority, the more of that, probably the better.


The Big Bad Wolf


The big bad wolf howls, he huffs, he puffs, but he doesn’t blow the house down. Our characters is tougher in the end if their competition is the “bigger and badder.”

When a character is per say, “not the average savage,” we can really make the underdog become the best.

They may not be over six-foot tall, they may not have walls of muscle, or they don’t have a tattoo, or one eye, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t brawn, strength comes from within.


Tossin’ in Troubles


Oh conflict, sweet, sweet conflict, how I’ve mentioned you countless times before. When I write, I tend to write troublesome situations the most often, especially in crime novels.

It’s a obsession of mine to put my characters through everything possible, which I am sure only puts more and more karma waiting on me.

Your character can only gain power by one thing and one thing only, hard times.

They need to fight until every strip of pride, of tears, of flesh, of fears are torn.

And if you were wondering, yes, I need to be submitted into a psych ward.


Motivation in Separation


The priorities need to be set in your character, what is the thing they are fighting for?

Is it money? Is it love? Is it lust? Is it pleasure?

Whatever it is, make sure you pave out the roughest and longest road ahead.

Make them get clouded, make them almost forget what they want, put things alongside the path that really wanna make them keep going, remind them, don’t let them give up, unless it’s that type of character, which I don’t consider aggressive.

Tools and Gadgets


Weapons or objects can be vital to our character.

Of course, weapons can help for protection but objects give them a hand when they need a emotional connection somebody they once loved or currently love

They can either pass on, be missing, or won’t talk to them for some reasoning.

Their pinpoints in strength

We’re all different, we all are stronger at some things then others.

Pinpoint these strengths, challenge them to every length.

We’re all strongest, while we feel the weakest.

Don’t be afraid to use to this to your advantage.




Just like motivation in separation, we could also use this same concept in passion.

For instance, for somebody who wanted to be in a certain line of work, but they face every obstacle in their way, whether people or situations.

Passion makes us feel alive, but nonetheless killing us in the process.

Be as blunt as possible!


Passives work with some characters, this being passive sentences and passive-aggressive attitudes.

But however, I feel that if we want a bold and memorable character, we can make them blunt, make them honest, make them stand for what they believe in.

Unless, you want the sneaky, lying type, those are fun too!


Be no sneak!


Contrary to what I just said, I personally feel that sturdy characters aren’t as sneaky as the weaker Wiesel’s, as I recall them.

These characters are conditioned or in the process of conditioning to releasing the aggressive monster within, so they aren’t always so sneaky.

Make the Protagonist turn into a Antagonist.


The protagonist, being our character that faces conflict can turn into their own enemy.

We see this a lot in characters who gain strength.

They become the worst thing in their life, they can’t trust themselves, they don’t like themselves, they feel as if they are the worst.

This can gain a much better plot and story line if they are constantly fighting themselves.


Make the victim command the authority.

I adore this in stories, I like to think if I were that brawn, I could do that too.

Whether it’s true or not, we all imagine ourselves being in one in these situations.

If this character was tied, beaten, or worse, don’t be afraid to make them sass the person in charge but also make the commander flaunt their motivation in the characters face.

Make them have downfalls


Though we want to see the protagonist at their best moments, everybody hates a perfect person, because we can’t relate.

Make this person have imperfections, make this person have flaws. Physically, mentally, emotionally, internally, externally, it doesn’t matter.

This person is only aggressive because of weakness.

It’s like yin-yang, you can’t have light without darkness.

They know their imperfections.


 Not only should they have weaknesses, they should be aware of this. They can either dwell on it, but they can also learn and improve on their downfalls.

They can become so much better, which is what we value.

Sticks n’ Stones


 What do you see in a strong character? What do we envision in our mind, muscles?


The real muscle is found with the person with bruises, cuts and wounds.

 It’s kinda like Flik in Bugs Life near the ending, when Hopper beats him down, but he still stands up to the grasshoppers, and then what? The entire ant army does.

This is a lesson they teach us when we’re young, when we feel vulnerable, when we’re innocent.

They instilled these factors into their own story, to teach us through the hard times and to also make a very aggressive character.


Wild Child


Of course, this character is probably wild, which means they value fun and people to spend time to be with. If we’re talking about a extrovert that is.

Make them linger for freedom, make them taste for it.

Well everybody that’s all I have for you today, I hope you enjoyed this blog post, if you did please like it and comment down below your favorite quality of a strong character.


I love you all!



Happy Blogging!


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